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Big or small, all donations are welcome!

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Objective: Erect a statue of Suzanne Simon Baptiste Louverture

Your donations will be used to pay a young Haitian sculptor by the name of Filipo for the design of the statue, as well as the costs associated with casting the statue in bronze and installing it.

The statue will be erected in the town of Agen in the Lot-et-Garonne region of south-west France, to preserve Suzanne's memory and mark her exile in the town where she lived the last years of her life and where she died.

Amounts to be collected :

Moulding and casting at the foundry

50 000 Euros.

USD $ 54 000

CA $ 73 000

Creation costs - Salary of sculptor and assistant.

50 000 Euros.

USD $ 54 000

CA $ 73 000

Total :100 000 Euros

Thank you for giving generously and often.

No amount is too small

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