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Our projects

The main project for this year is to raise the funds needed to create the statue of Suzanne. We have approached, with Sylvie Pourcel's help, the young sculptor Filipo, who will be supported by his assistant José Midi.

We'll shortly be publishing the steps involved in creating the statue, from shaping the model in clay to casting it in bronze at the Cyclops foundry near Bordeaux, France.


Commemorative plaques dedicated to Suzanne Louverture in France


Filipo, the sculptor

He discovered his passion for art in 2010. He took ceramics training with an organization called Entrepreneur du Monde (EDM), in 2011 he entered the École Nationale des Arts (ENARTS) to Poursuive his studies in Fine Arts, graduating in 2015.


He received training in Digital Art at Graphcity in Haiti. April 2014 and May 2015 he attended a training course and exchange between L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts visuels - ENSAV La cambre de Bruxelles, l'École Supérieure des Arts de l'image Le Septante cinq - ESA Le 75 de Bruxelles and l'École Nationale des Arts - ENARTS de Port-au-Prince HAITI. After graduating, he won a scholarship to specialize in sculpture at Cuba's Institut Supérieur Del Artes (ISA). He is the sculptor of Modeste Testas, inaugurated on the occasion of the day commemorating the abolition of slavery in Bordeaux. He has worked with renowned artists such as Philippe Dodard, master foundryman Ludovic Booz and Modesto R. Conception Castaner. Founding member of KLORAT BIZ'ART, a group of young artists promoting contemporary art.

Previous achievements:
• Ambassade d’Haiti Washington DC 2022
• Goerges Floyd fevrier 2020
• Ambassade d’Haiti a Cuba Juin 2016 (Havana, Cuba) Exposition de sculpture
• Octobre 2018 Exposition de sculpture et de peinture Exposition
• Septante cinq (75) (Bruxelle, Belgique) Mai 2015 exposition
• Hotel Villa Therese Decembre 2014 exposition
• Juillet 2014, exposition Ambassade des Etats Unis d’Amérique d’Haiti
• Fokal-l’ENSA VE Lacambre de Bruxelle (PLAN COMMUN) exposition

Woodly Caymitte, Filipo

Born in 1974, in Port-au-Prince (HAITI).Woodly is a very talented young Haitian sculptor.

Graduated then taught Sculpture at the École Nationale des Arts (ENARTS).

He designed the statue of Modeste Testas permanently displayed on the quays of Bordeaux. He has also completed a sculpture of George Floyd and one of his works will soon adorn the port of La Rochelle.

He is currently working on a bust of Toussaint Louverture to be installed in the city of Agen.

He has also been approached to create the full-length statue of Susanne Louverture to be installed in the city of Agen.


José Midi was born in Carrefour (HAITI) on July 14, 1988. He is passionate about art and culture.

He began drawing at a very early age. He graduated in plastic arts from the National School of Arts (ENARTS).

He followed a training and exchange program with L'École Nationale Supérieure des Arts visuels - ENSAV La

Cambre de Bruxelles, the Écoles Supérieure des Arts de l'image le Septante cinq ,ESA Le 75 de Bruxelles. This promising

promising young artist has already taken part in several exhibitions such as :

  • Ambassade des Etats-Unis en Haiti (2014)

  • Cari-festa (2015)

  • Koletif 509 (2015)

With his deep, fragile art, which is the opposite of the violent environment in which he spent his childhood, he wishes to offer the world the reality of everyday life, in real time, while questioning life itself in its deepest dimension.

José will assist Filipo in this project.

Visit his page HERE

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